Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ivy Rose Spica Chairs

Our Ivy Rose Spica Chairs have arrived!  Shortly after our baby girl was diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip, I stumbled upon  This site and spica chair concept are a resourceful mother's answer to her two daughters' journey with DDH and her desire to craft a tool to aid them. Now, she dedicates her talent to make desks for kids like our hippie.  We ordered one each for home and daycare.  The designs and intricacy this woman achieves with her craft is nothing short of remarkable.  

For our chairs, we selected a solid color for daycare and a simple design for home.  We are donating the her daycare chair to the school (in gratitude for their generous assistance) and selected a solid, light green color.  We wanted to give the school a gender neutral color which could easily be decorated to match different themes.  The home chair is a nod to her favorite show Bubble Guppies.  The desk's paint matches the show's background.  Since Ivy Rose cannot paint licensed characters, I ordered reusable decals of the show's characters.  The background will allow us to indulge her love of all things aquatic, so I will snag some decals of sea creatures; I had seen some on the Bed, Bath, and Beyond website.  This way, she can turn her desk into her own interactive aquarium.  I will post updates as we decorate.

Regarding size:  Due to the extreme width her legs are set apart and due to our hippie's potential for repeated surgeries, we selected a desk which can accommodate up to a five year old child.  

I giggle to see her tiny feet and toes dangle.

Her legs span most of the width of the desk.  You can see there is room to grow.

She is secured by a safety belt.

One side is a chalkboard, for her to scribble and draw.

The other side of the desktop has a smooth surface, for stickering...

And playing...

And eating.

We have a happy girl- and no pacifier!  Thank you, Ivy Rose Spica Chairs!

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  1. Love the desk. So great to see Sydney so happy!